en français  lecture inférence vocabulaire cycle 2 grammaire affiches mathématiques programmations progressions enseignement moral et civique anglais littérature  histoire
  lecture cycle 3 grammaire CM sons et syllabes ACCUEIL     EPS  coloriages magiques  géographie
in english the numbers oral language coloring christmas grammar coloring numbers reading comprehension posters numbers numbers worksheets time worksheets
  phonics learning : texts and questions              
posters numbers :numbers up to 9, write numbers up to 10. recognize numbres figures ett letters.
learn to count

          numbers one                                            number two                                           number three

         number four                                           number five                                             number six


                        number seven                             number eight                                           number nine

The lessons and activities in this pre-primary course cover the following topics:

Counting from 1 to 100
Addition and subtraction
Identifying shapes
Graphing data
Using ordinal numbers
Comparing and ordering
Using clocks and calendars
Length and weight


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