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English grammar in elementary school : Nouns, Adjectives, Verbs, Adverbs, Articles, ...
Do you know how to use the word 'too' in an English sentence?           

Do you know how to use the modals 'could' and 'couldn't'?

Do you know how to talk about your future plans using 'going to'?


Do you know how to use adverbs of frequency like' sometimes', 'always' and 'never' in English?
Do you know how to use prepositions of time such as 'at 3 o'clock' or 'in December'?

Do you know how to use infinitives of purpose such as 'I went to the park to play football.'?   


   regular verbe past simple 1                                                                       regular verbe past simple 2

              irregular verbe participle 1                                                            irregular verbe participle 1


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