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Grade Level:  Kindergarten

Every child is different.  You may chose to work on these skills in a preschool setting or you may wish to do a bit of review on these skills in Grades 1-3 (especially during and after summer holidays). more

Ending Consonant Sounds

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http://www.kidzone.ws/prek_wrksht/learning-letters/b2.gif learning letters worksheet learning letters worksheet
                  B b                                                 C  c                                                   D  d     

learning letters worksheet learning letters worksheet learning letters worksheet
                       A  a                                             E  e                                                 F  f                          


Printable worksheets

Beginning Consonants Ending Consonants Beginning Short Vowels Middle Short Vowels


Consonants produce sounds that are more consistent and easier to identify than vowels.  Therefore, they make a good starting point for learning to read.

Initially, work should be done on identifying beginning consonant sounds (ex:  t-t-t tulip).

After that, activities can focus on identifying final consonant sounds (ex:  cat ends with the t-t-t sound)

When children learn to recognize the sounds of consonants at the beginning and end positions of words, they gain the ability to look at a word and make a reasonable guess as to what it might be.  Viewing the word in the context of a picture will help reinforce this skill.


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